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to my writing projects.

I urge you to take your time reading the poems in my book, In the Temple of the Stars. Read again the ones that speak to you– perhaps this time aloud.

I invite you to enter my novels and leave the real world behind! Absorb yourself in the daring life of Marti Bruhn as she encounters lurking danger, shocking villains, and wild, distant places.

Take along Back Roads of Utah as you venture into the heart of our beautiful state.

All of these books were a joy to write– and illustrate. There are more to come so please check back to find another book you might want to explore.

Your support means a lot to me.

Thank you!


From In the Temple of the Stars:

Litany for the Earth

In this juniper,
born of a seed on a mesa in the sun,
shelter of jays and mountain lion, is the word.

In this rock,
ancient as the vesper wind caressing
every crevice, every cleft, is the altar. 

In this cirque,
comber of clouds and midwife
of the dawn, is the homily.

In this stream,
filling granite fonts with golden offering
of aspen leaves and cutthroat trout, is the hymn.

In this goshawk,
who, with stroke and gesture of wingtip,
slices through limb and storm, is the way.

In my heart,
where deep love for this world
wraps itself about each tiny thing, is hope.


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The first two novels in the Marti Bruhn series of outdoor suspense/ mysteries were released in December 2020. The next three followed in January, February, and May 2021. Written over the past 15 years, the books and their synopses can be accessed on Amazon.com

In order, they are:

The Turquoise Bear
Wyoming Gold
The Crimson Trail
The Bronze Rim of Baja
The Wine-Dark Spell

My first collection of poetry, Chokecherry Rain, is in hardcover and was published in 1993. Contact me to buy a copy for $10.00.

My second poetry collection, In the Temple of the Stars, was released on Amazon in October 2020.

My third poetry book, Searching for Circe, will be finished in 2022.

Back Roads of Utah, a richly illustrated guide to the state, is now available at many Utah sites and on Amazon.

News and Interviews

Featured guest on Access Utah, Utah Public Radio/NPR, Logan, UT January 2021 https://www.upr.org/post/temple-stars-poet-margaret-pettis mondays-access-utah And again on https://www.upr.org/programs/2021-05-06/revisiting-the-poetry-of-margaret-pettis-on-thursdays-access-utah

Guest blog on creating environmental novels in the time of Covid: Free Range Writers, Jackson Hole, WY January 2021 https://www.freerangewriters.com/post/i-plan-to-be-there-too

Featured article on the release of In the Temple of the Stars, Herald Journal, Logan, UT January 2021 https://www.hjnews.com/news/local/scope-of-poetry-local- teacher-and-award-winning poet-releases-volume-of-poetry-roughly-30/article_48ced50d-a3b1-5ebb-bcc1-9dc54e9e75dd.html

Featured article on the release of Back Roads of Utah, Herald Journal, Logan, UT November 27, 2021 https://www.hjnews.com/eedition/page-a3/page_5d801e6d-afe5-5043-9cb5-c87b35a62ffc.html

Poems published in the September 2020, May and November 2021, and May 2022 issues of Utah Life Magazine

Listed in MappingLiteraryUtah.org

Member, panel on Self-Publishing, Utah Humanities Council Book Festival, Weber County Main Library, Ogden, September 2021

Weller Book Works hosted a virtual poetry reading conversation with Utah poets Margaret Pettis and Nancy Takacs on March 3, 2022

Poem featured on April 1, 2022 on KRCL Radio’s National Poetry Month celebration; guest artist in Tremblings, the newsletter of the Western Aspen Alliance, May 2002; poem appearing in Deep Wild Journal, June 2022; and workshop instructor, “Drawing on the Natural World,” Basin and Range program of Great Salt Lake Audubon, June 2022

Poem, “Compass Points,” featured on KUSU/UPR’s “Lake Effect” program, May 2022 Audio file to be posted soon.

Illustrations from Back Roads of Utah